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How to combine server logs (all files) using Windows command prompt

For SEO purposes, we typically have to analyze server logs to understand what the heck robots are actually doing on our site – sometimes, you’ll get a bunch of individual files from your hosting company, which makes getting all of the data needlessly laborious. For those of you Windows fans, this is how you can

OAP.Ninja – A fun SEO test to challenge your skills

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for clues, they aren’t here 🙂 Keep trying! Most SEOs could use a bit of stimulation every now and again, and I don’t mean losing valuable hair because Google decides to change the internet every couple of months. Dean Cruddace, from created a fantastic, and challenging SEO test for anyone who

Functions that are easier in Google spreadsheets vs Excel

There are quite a few functions I find much easier to use in Google docs, which I plan on detailing in this ongoing post. If you know of any cool / easier to use functions in Google docs vs Excel, please leave them in the commments and I’ll add them to the list. Let’s get

Where to find good datasets online – Quick list

Whether you’re looking for data for your high school statistics class, creating an infographic, or just generally interested in reading Census results before bedtime, here’s a decent list of sources online. Some datasets are completely free, some aren’t – I can’t guarantee the quality of the data, but I’ve cut down the list to the

Cross domain canonicals from Blogspot blog

Disclaimer: I think Blogspot / blogger is a piece of cr*p. I don’t blame you for having a blogspot blog, but now that you’ve had to Google around to find a cross domain canonical fix, you know exactly how bad it is. For the love of {insert your preferred deity here}, DO NOT HOST ANYTHING

Google Language & Country code reference sheet

This post is in addition to my previous post on Distilled and simply provides an online Google Docs version of Google CCTLDs and language codes used by Google. If you see any errors, please let me know in the comments and I’ll happily credit you with a link 🙂 The sheet URL is here.  

Count characters in a cell without spaces – Excel & Google docs

By using =Len() you’re going to return the character count including spaces by default. Example:  =len("hey there") This formula will return 9, this is because there’s a space between “hey” and “there”. Here’s the formula to get character count without spaces: =len(SUBSTITUTE("hey there"," ","")) This will return: 8 How does this work? By nesting the

Internal 301 to homepage treated as 404 by Google

Back in May 2013, during a Webmaster central hangout with John Mueller, John confirmed that Google treats internal 301’s to the homepage as 404’s. That should mean that if you 301 internal pages to the root, they won’t pass PageRank. However, this can still be interpreted incorrectly as there are many questions that remained unanswered.

How to extract title & meta data using Gdocs, Xpath and ImportXml

I’m pretty sure everyone knows I have an unhealthy obsession with Google docs, and the wonderful things it can achieve. Paul from asked how to get common meta data from a webpage quickly using ImportXML, so here it is: 1) Get the meta description //meta[@name=’description’]/@content 2) Get the title //title 3) Get the keywords //meta[@name=’keywords’]/@content" Okay, let’s go ahead

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