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A fully rounded marketer who started in corporate sales then transitioned into digital marketing and development.

Current projects: *was* an open source technical SEO testing ground and is a testament to not lose a domain renewal. is under development and is a free SEO training resource is coming soon

Honest, trustworthy consulting.

Full transparency in methodology coupled with close communication ensures that projects run smoothly with no surprises.

Find the answer and fix it.

There are so many aspects of digital marketing that span across multiple micro-disciplines. Choose a consultant that is flexible enough to traverse creative and technical aspects to find the right solution for each problem.

Time saving

Keen focus on automation and pre-planning to eliminate need for humans to work on repetitive tasks.

What I offer

Digital strategy and SEO

Acquire better traffic using a variety of marketing channels. 

  • Technical SEO and application configuration
  • Digital marketing strategy

Apps script 

Powerful tools built in Google’s G suite tools (docs, sheets) 

  • Google docs automation
  • Google sheets automation
  • G suite Add-ons 

Process automation

Tool requirement inventory assessment.  Buy only what you need and build the rest.

  • Optimize agency processes
  • Reduce software costs
  • Increase employee efficiency

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