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What I offer

Technical SEO Consulting

Website optimization from the ground up from an experienced freelancer. 

Starting with fixing out of the box server configurations (regardless of the platform or codebase), managing state (redirection, processes for time sensitive content, etc.. ), inclusion of enhanced search results listings through meta markup,  architecture, and fixing display/indexing issues for most search engines.  

Recommendations are programmatic and at scale, foundational aspects of technical SEO are meant to be set and forget, given that correct unit testing is applied in development and production environments.

Acquisition Due Diligence (Digital)

Get a professional 3rd party opinion before purchasing a digital property.

Search data is the most widely accessible point of reference to determine whether or not a domain or digital property has a future.  The digital portion of acquisition due diligence includes Ad, SEO, Traffic, and website technology reviews which includes competitors and views of the vertical associated with the business.

1st party data isn’t accessible for the big picture view.  We can perform diligence using 3rd party data, but it’s often fragmented and difficult to pull together.  I help companies get that picture before making the purchase.

International SEO

Getting the right user from the right search engine to the right page.

Google is still the majority in worldwide search traffic and lead the industry in international search directives.  Your international search setup is therefore modeled on Google’s implementations.

International SEO projects don’t start with automatic changes, they begin answering the question, “do we have a display problem?”.  If the answer is overwhelmingly no, Google should be entrusted to handle what’s best for their users.  

When Google gets it wrong, I’m here to help.


Google Workspace Apps Script Dev

Apps Script is aged, validated, powerful, free, and worth entrusting your business operations to.  

Workspace can provide stable, easy to access services through add-ons (v1 Moz API public) and scripting (semrush integration).

We’ve been trying to move away from spreadsheets since its inception, but the hard truth is that spreadsheets, or tabular data with customizable UI are never going away.

There’s a happy medium between flexibility and reliability when it comes to Google sheets/docs for business critical applications.  Find out if it’s right for you, I’m happy to chat.

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