I didn’t donate to Lily’s campaign, I didn’t respond to Charly’s calls, and I haven’t put in real work into dontwait.dev all because it didn’t seem real to me.

I feel like I could just message Hamlet right now on Twitter, talk some shit about Python/JS and arrange a call next week.

But I can’t, and it just hit me.

The SEO industry lost a titan, and although I know he made it a priority to be close to many people in the industry, I feel like he was overly accepting and encouraging of me. From the threads on seo twitter, he was doing this for a number of people which just goes to show what a gem we lost.

I’m not good with loss, losing and emotions in general but I’ve never wanted to express my absolute anger in public before, but fuck it. Hamlet was one of the best.

I strongly believe in life after death, so I expect we’ll probably see him wearing a Python t-shirt, inviting you to eat and code with him with a giant smile on his face.

For Hamlet, I’m going to figure out how to give an annual award to someone in the SEO industry for open source innovation, and it doesn’t need to be restricted to programming (Hamlet Batista award for innovation). Also, I’m completely opposed to this being sponsored by any SEO company or any individual, it will be anon donations for any quantity and the submission and voting process will be decentralized, i.e, I’d rather 5000 people donate $1 anonymously. I’m still figuring that part out, but I know in my heart that Hamlet wouldn’t accept any lower of a bar.

If you’re interested in helping me figuring out the award/scholarship in Hamlet’s name, ping me at [email protected]. I’d love your help, please.

*** start personal grief section ***

You exaggerated my ability only to push me to chase that level of skill and push past it. It worked, you knew how to play me.

In public I loved trolling you as much as I could, out of love of course. Our convos in private were invaluable.

Hamlet, see you soon enough my friend. Remember that JavaScript is better than Python, and an entire industry misses your damn Python emoji. Thank you for picking me up off the ground when I needed it the most and no one else knew. Thank you for what you did at techseo boost as well as Mike, I don’t forget that kind of shit, that was my best conference presentation experience.

Bye, thank you and see you soon.