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From Excel to Jupyter Notebooks (part 1: installation)

You probably ended up here because you just had Excel crash, again, and you’re sick of it. You’ve probably also heard about R, Python, Jupyter Notebooks and probably have decided on starting your new data analysis journey into Jupyter. Get Jupyter or die tryin’ -absolutely no one said this. After about a week of absolutely

MozCon Follow Up – Automation

Thanks for watching my MozCon presentation! Even though it was only 30 minutes, it took me years for me to get to this point. I’m really excited to share concepts that should help you cut out boring tasks and focus on more important things. Before you start reading, I want to say that programming is

Moment JS in Google Sheets (Apps script) – The easy/lazy way

Date/time handling in JavaScript is a bit of a pain, thankfully there are libraries like Moment JS to save the day. If you want to integrate better time/date handling from Moment JS in Google sheets (the lazy way), this is how you do it: Make a copy of this sheet  Your formula is simply =momentjs()

Google Docs Formula Test – Can you finish this quiz?

I was training a friend on Google docs and decided to make a little quiz out of it. Most of the formulas translate into Excel as well, but some are specific to Google docs – so, if you’re taking this on, ensure you’re including “Google docs …” while Googling. Make a copy of the spreadsheet

FIX – Windows NPM Node-gyp error for various NPM modules

If you’ve ever tried to install an NPM module like Xml2Js and received these pretty little errors followed by a failure to install Xml2Js (or any NPM module that requires node-gyp), there’s no need to go nuts and install all the dependencies yourself or configure system variables. Just for reference, here’s what your node-gyp errors

How to check if value is in range of cells – Solution – Google Sheets

One of the most useful formulas for me was being able to find if a cell contained a value from a list of items, this excellent Excel formula was exactly what I needed. The formula: =SUMPRODUCT(–ISNUMBER(SEARCH(things,A1)))>0 also works in Google docs, provided that you created a named range. Here is the spreadsheet for you to look

How to download all attachments from a gmail thread

You may have several attachments within a Gmail email thread, but it’s too time consuming to download one attachment at a time. There’s a Forward All option in the top nav menu that allows you to forward the thread back to yourself, thus allowing you to conveniently download all attachments in a gmail thread.  See

How to get Google’s cached copy of a page and text version with parameters

If you can’t get the cached version the good old fashioned way by typing into Google search for some reason (other than the page not being indexed or having the noarchive tag), use this URL: If you want the text version of the cache, add &strip=1 to the end like so: 

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