OAP.Ninja – A fun SEO test to challenge your skills

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for clues, they aren’t here 🙂 Keep trying!

Most SEOs could use a bit of stimulation every now and again, and I don’t mean losing valuable hair because Google decides to change the internet every couple of months.

Dean Cruddace, from F.ound.uk created a fantastic, and challenging SEO test for anyone who wishes to test their technical sleuthing skills.  It heavily focuses on the technical side of SEO,  so if you’re not clued up on the following, I wouldn’t bother trying:

  • Server response codes
  • HTTP requests/responses
  • Meta data
  • Javascript

The test itself begins at oap.ninja and doesn’t offer any advice even from the start.. how nice of Dean 😉  I’ve personally had seasoned web developers tell me they quit after being stuck on the first page for 30 minutes.

oap ninja seo test 2014

Yes, it’s hard, yes, you will likely want to throw your computer out of the closest window. All I can tell you is that once you do get to the end,  you will have a giant, stupid smile on your face you won’t be able to wipe off (well, at least for the next hour).

The test itself was only 1 level, but due to it’s popularity, Dean decided to make an evil level 2 – I mean it,  level 2 is evil.

For those who are in positions where you need to hire SEOs, this could potentially replace the interview all together.

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