There are quite a few functions I find much easier to use in Google docs, which I plan on detailing in this ongoing post. If you know of any cool / easier to use functions in Google docs vs Excel, please leave them in the commments and I’ll add them to the list.

Let’s get going shall we?

1) CONCATENATE – Combining several cells into one cell

Concatenate in Excel for several cells is painful, you have to manually select each cell while holding CTRL to grab a set. It’s okay for a few cells, but unless you plan on developing Carpal Tunnel syndome, I’d recommend using Google docs for this.

Have a play around in the sheet to see what’s going on. Easy right? You can even modify the contents of each cell before concatenate, like I did in the example above using spaces. Cool!

2) De-Duplicating using UNIQUE()

In Excel, the easiest way to de-duplicate is using the “remove duplicates” button in the Data ribbon, but I find it far easier to control this in Google docs using the Unique() function.

Have a play around in the sheet to see what’s going on.

Part 2 is here – please excuse the interruption, this is an SEO experiment 😉


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