You’ve probably come to this page because you realized that you need help “not getting caught” doing questionable things. I’m not judging – it’s cool.

Do me one favour though, don’t be an idiot, don’t get caught. Proxy servers aren’t then end all solution to hiding your identity, especially since some of them are actually transparent (they will send your IP and admit the fact that you are actually using a proxy server to connect!) <== wtf.

There’s a minefield of pure shit out there that might even hand you back some malware, viruses or worse. What’s the point? If you’re going to dabble into free Russian or Indonesian proxy services, don’t do this at the office or anywhere you care about. I’m not here to give a lesson, in fact, I’m still learning myself. If you want a decent start for information go read this post I wrote with the help of a proxy expert.

If you don’t want to hassle with proxy servers, just go get a paid VPN and you’ll never have to worry about anonymity again. offers a premium list of proxies, it’s $25.00 USD for life and they e-mail you everyday with a fresh list of proxies. Do they work? Yes, but not all of them. For 25 bucks you really can’t go wrong, they send you a zip file that has a list of proxies per country and a reliable list, you still need to test which ones work though!

On average, a scan of 2000 proxies on their list will yield 90-130 Google passed anonymous proxiesNot bad, not bad at all.

Paid Proxy Services for SEO requirements


If you’re doing industrial scale stuff, you need to pay for secure anonymity – do not try and scam this, download some crappy proxy torrent file or whatever other clever ideas you may have. If you’re looking at doing large scale scraping, you must be making money at your day job, so do the smart thing and go get a real paid service.

There are very few people I would trust to buy proxy services from, especially since I expect superior customer support and that these things won’t go down. I’ve had first hand experience with Trusted Proxies and their CEO is not only a super nice guy who actually cares about each customer, but he gets shit done.

I haven’t had much other experience with different providers, especially since “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. They have a bunch of different services and will work with you (give you trials) to figure out exactly what you need. Oh, feel free to tell them Dave sent you 😉


I’ve given you some access to real information to help protect you, and recommendations on what I use. Up to you, just don’t get caught doing something ridiculous. If you guys have any other recommendations for proxy / VPN services, leave them in  the comments so I can go have a play with them and review.



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